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Core Skills
Intrusion detection, prevention, penetration and vulnerability testing; Firewalls; Secure coding practices, ethical hacking and threat modeling; Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems; Virtualization technologies; MySQL/MSSQL database platforms; Identity and access management principles ; Application security and encryption technologies; Secure network architectures; Subnetting, domain name server (DNS), encryption technologies and standards, virtual private networks (VPNs), virtual LANs (VLANs), voice over IP (VoIP) and other network routing methods; Network and web-related protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, user datagram protocol (UDP), IP security (IPSec), HTTP, HTTPS, routing protocols, etc.); Advanced persistent threats (APT), phishing and social engineering, network access controllers (NAC), gateway anti-malware and enhanced authentication
Power Competencies
In addition to successful leadership and supervision skills, excellent presentation and communications skills to effectively communicate with management and customers; Ability to clearly articulate complex concepts (both written and verbally).; Ability, understanding, and usage of active listening skills  Analytical thinking


COMPTIA Network +, Security +, C, Python, C+ PLUS COMPTIA CySA+, Project +, CISM, Pentest+, CEH,, ISACA,(SANS, GIAC), CISCO (CCT, CCNA, CCHE)

Educational Providers

Public and private 2-year and 4-year colleges, universities Bootcamps & technical Centers Certification entities such as COMPTIA, Microsoft, Google, ITIL

Ohio Median Salary


A Cybersecurity Engineer...

Develop and implement information security procedures and policies. Build, maintain and upgrade security technology, such as firewalls, for the safe use of computer networks and the transmission and retrieval of information. Design and implement appropriate security controls to identify vulnerabilities and protect digital files and electronic infrastructures. Monitor and respond to computer security breaches, viruses, and intrusions, and perform forensic investigation. May oversee the assessment of information security systems.

Alternative Titles

Security engineer, security analyst


You should be: Credentialed (BS) with several years in IT of which 1 to 3 are in cybersecurity design and process implementation with intermediate level certifications Able to collaborate with a range of IT and business teams and help educate them on information security needs and techniques Prepared to perform deep analyses of events which may represent security breaches and challenges