Passport to IT Careers Test

You are about to discover how to fulfill your dream of an exciting career in IT! 

Information Technology is one of the most diverse and varied careers that exists. Working in IT, you can find yourself among some of the brightest minds of any industry, working in a industry that is recession-proof, making an above average salary, and being connected to the leading-edge technology advancements that are moving us forward into the future! IT professionals work on creative teams to develop cutting-edge products and solutions that help save lives, solve health problems, improve the environment, and keep all of us connected. 

As a participant in the Passport to IT Careers experience, you will be accessing this course before, during, and after your experience to take pre- and post- program surveys, capture your thoughts about IT careers and, to reflect on what you learned.

We hope you enjoy Passport to IT Careers

Tom Miller Director, Early Career Explorations
Joy Childress Program Manager, Early Career Explorations