About the Tech Talent Portal

The Greater Cleveland Partnership’s High School Tech Talent Portfolio of career exploration programs provides students with opportunities to explore IT careers and pathways so they can make purposeful steps towards their future. Our FREE high school programs are designed to stimulate students’ growing interest and excitement in the IT field and to provide the knowledge, experiences and connections necessary to pursue IT careers in our region. We bring students into direct contact with IT educators and professionals working in the field. Students learn about the availability, advantages and requirements of IT careers, as well as the skills and competencies needed for IT jobs today and in the future. 

GCP’s Tech Talent Portfolio of high school IT Career Exploration programs and experiences are designed to;
  • Increase high school student’s knowledge of pathways into IT/Tech careers in our region.
  • Increase engagement of females and students of color in IT career exploration.
  • Connect students to IT professionals (especially females and people of color) so that high school students see themselves in IT careers.

GCP’s Tech Talent Programs Team

Tom Miller

Director, Tech Talent Programs


Joy Childress

Tech Talent Program Manager